Fallas 2023 Recap

With the conclusion of Fallas 2023, it's time to sort through all the pictures and videos captured during the festival.

We made it through Fallas 2023, and it was truly one of the best ones yet. The weather was perfect, everyone was in great spirits, and we were treated to some incredible fireworks displays.

Now that we've had some much-needed downtime to recover, it's time to sort through all the photos and videos we captured and start crafting articles that reflect on the three weeks of Fallas.

We invite you to check out some of the articles and videos we've published so far, showcasing our favorite moments from this amazing festival!

The First Fireworks of Fallas 2023

We kicked off Fallas 2023 with two great shows. For the first one, we went to the Palacio de Congresso, where fireworks were being shot off in honor of the Fallera Major Infantil. The pyrotechnics company Nadal Martí combined classic aerial fireworks with antique ground fair ones. And just a few days later we went to see a show at the City of Arts and Sciences by Caballer FX to celebrate the opening of the annual Ninot Exhibition.

What Is Vladimir Putin Doing at the Ninot Exhibition for Fallas 2023?

As mentioned, these figures provide a glimpse of each large Fallas figures themes. And yes, we noticed a lot of figures in the shape of Vladimir Putin. It’s not overly surprising that his war in the Ukraine was a popular topic.

The Events on the Day of La Crida – Fallas 2023

Who needs an alarm clock if you can have a Despertà?! This is the festival’s wake-up call for the city, which shakes everyone out of bed at 7:30 am, sharp. Falleras and Falleros gather at the beginning of Calle La Paz, next to the Parterre Park. They all pick up their boxes of Tro de Bac, a special kind of firecracker, which are basically like children’s Pop-Its, but much bigger and only for adults.

The Cabalgata del Ninot and Cant de l’Estoreta of Fallas 2023

Yes, Fallas is a festival of fire and fireworks, but parades are equally important to the Falleras and Falleros of Valencia. At the beginning of Fallas, there are two important ones: the Cabalgata del Ninots and the Cant de l’Estoreta. Both parades are mainly oriented to kids, but are great fun for people of all ages, for different reasons.

Some Fallas 2023 fireworks Videos